Ravalement de façade

Maintenance Restoration


Restoration Cleaning  is a very important step in a building's life.

With time, a facade loses its splendor. Dirt and stains are caused by a number of factors, such as air pollution, acid rain, UV rays, or extreme temperature changes. With climate change, large dirt is developed which, over time, will lead to discoloration of the exterior walls of the building. It is also necessary to consider the composition of the building (brick, stone, cement, wood) and the types of coating (paint, plaster, PVC, metal cladding or plaster).

The rehabilitation of the facades consists in a simple and effective restoration of the exterior of the building. This operation aims to preserve the integrity of the facade of a building, while giving it a new breath. Facade refurbishment requires tools, machinery and special and precise products as well as a skilled and competent workforce to successfully carry out the work.

Restoration is more than a simple cleaning. It is a necessary maintenance that will allow you to restore the original appearance of the building.

The principle of a facade restoration:
Preserve the integrity of the face of the building, walls and cornices.

When restoring we take into account the state of the facade. It is necessary to analyze the conditions and treat accordingly, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the exterior walls and ornaments in wood or other materials.

It is an ecological and revolutionary way to clean different types of surfaces and materials.

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Note: before the first snowfall is the time to do a general inspection of the building, including going around the building and take note of the physical elements that need attention, It is sometimes particularly useful to inspect the building in the rain so as to see the water or air infiltration .

Heritage Building

After an initial inspection.
Corrective maintenance includes
 stabilizing the building to stop the deterioration process, cleaning work or fine sandblasting can eliminate surface damage and cause deterioration for years. By ensuring the maintenance of the heritage building, repairs, cleaning or correction of defects, Not only do we prevent the deterioration of materials of valuable origin otherwise it is better to preserve the original elements rather than to embark on a reproduction.

 Level of cleaning treatment   intervention